And observe its true nature

Starting meditation is like getting your house ready before a big makeover. You first have to empty the rooms of everything in the way:

  • Take out the furniture, seats, rugs.
  • Unhook the paintings.
  • Tear off the wallpaper.
  • Remove the curtains.

After that, the rooms appear more significant. That is, we…

Because every human being needs to feel they have a place in society

Admiration is a powerful sentiment that makes us feel that people love us and need us.

To be heard by those around you and to be seen gives us a natural feeling of ecstasy, which makes us feel alive.

However, for many of us, this feeling is hard to get…

The only shortcut to success is perseverance

Patience is an underrated virtue that has taken a back seat due to the fast-paced and evolving world we live in. This article will examine what patience is and why it is one of the best virtues that you can foster in yourself.


Patience is the ability to accept and…

How you can become much more popular and loved overall

The basis for making a good impression could be evident and trivial: being likable, considered authoritative, good-looking, or charismatic.

However, it could also be because we would like to deepen existing relationships with our friends, neighbors, coworkers, lovers, clients, customers, or our boss.

And there are a whole host of…

Ethan Hawley

Writing good stuff for your head.

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